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1. Alfama
Alfama, The maze of buildings that make the Alfama section of downtown Lisbon illuminated by warm evening light, Portugal, Lisboa
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eus_/portugal_pano/lisbon_alfama_pano1.html - 10KB - 30 Mar 2024
2. Turning Torso
Turning Torso, The skyscraper Turning Torso in Malmö illuminated by warm evening light behind modern apartment buildings, Sweden, Skane län, Skane laen, Malmoe
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eue_/swe_city/malmoe_ttorso4.html - 10KB - 30 Mar 2024
3. Èze
Èze, The village of Èze with its flood-lit buildings at the blue hour after sunset and the coast of the mediterranean sea in the background, France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Frankreich, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/euf_/cote_d_azur/eze3.html - 10KB - 30 Mar 2024
4. Facade in Vejer de la Frontera
Facade in Vejer de la Frontera, The facade of a house in Vejer de la Frontera illuminated by warm morning light, Spain, Andalusia, Spanien, Espana, Andalucia, Andalusien
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eus_/at_coast/verjer_house2.html - 10KB - 30 Mar 2024
5. Roofs of Sirmione
Roofs of Sirmione, The roofs of Sirmione on the southern shore of Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) seen from the Scaliger Castle (Castello Scaligero), Italy, Italien, Italia
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eua_/ital_seen/sirmione_roofs1.html - 10KB - 30 Mar 2024
6. Piazza dell' Anfiteatro
Piazza dell' Anfiteatro, The buildings of Piazza dell' Anfiteatro - a place that is built around an old Amphitheatre - in Lucca seen from Torre Guinigi, Italy, Tuscany, Italien, Italia
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eur_/tusc_no/lucca_anfi1.html - 10KB - 30 Mar 2024
7. Saint-Florent
Saint-Florent, The houses of Saint-Florent, its harbor and the mountains of Corsica in the background at the blue hour after sunset
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibit3/blh/saint_florent1.html - 10KB - 30 Mar 2024
8. Muttrah Corniche
Muttrah Corniche, The floodlit buildings at the Corniche of Muttrah dominated by the minaret of its mosque with the Arabian Sea in the foreground at the blue hour just after sunset
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/asa_/pano/muttrah_pano1.html - 10KB - 30 Mar 2024
9. Nyksund
Nyksund, The colorful houses of Nyksund surrounding its harbor at the Norwegian Sea, Norway, Nordland, Norwegen, Norge
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eue_/nor_vesteralen/vesteralen_nyksund1.html - 10KB - 30 Mar 2024
10. Figarella
Figarella, The houses and the church of the small village Figarella surrounded by the green mountains of Cap Corse, France, Frankreich, Korsika, Corsica
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/euf_/cp_corse/st_maria_lota1.html - 10KB - 30 Mar 2024

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