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Welcome to my website "Jörg Dauerer, Photography"! Here you can browse through travel photos I took in Europe (Norway, England, Germany, France, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Austria and more), North America (New England, New York, the Rocky Mountains, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California and more), Oman, India, Australia, New Zealand and Morocco.

All in all 2025 photos (including 308 panorama photos and 56 black and white photos) are available in 171 Galleries (arranged by geographical location) and 24 Exhibitions (arranged by subject). There is more statistics available.

Image of the Month

Sierra Nevada, Mount Whitney, light beams, Alabama Hills, Owens Valley, United States, California, Nature, Mountains, Landscape

The image of the month of April is Light Beams. It shows the sun setting behind Mount Whitney which creates spectacular light beams seen from the Alabama Hills. The Alabama Hills are in the Owens Valley in eastern California, United States. This photo was taken in the evening of a rainy day in October of 2002. More ...

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Current exhibition

Bus Wreck, Hánefsstaðir, Austurland, broken, bus, decay, green, rust, Seyðisfjörður, window

The current Online Exhibition at Jörg Dauerer - Photography is Rust, Wrecks and Ruins. This exhibition shows Rust, Wrecks and Ruins - basically decaying objects outdoor - from different parts of the world including Iceland, New Zealand Australia Oman and the United States. It shows car wrecks, plane wrecks, ship wrecks and ruins from the ancient Greeks, ruins of abbeys and ruins from the gold rush in California. More ...