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Welcome to my website "Jörg Dauerer, Photography" where you can browse through photos I took in 30 countries in Europe (including Norway, England, Germany, France, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Austria), North America (New England, New York, the Rocky Mountains, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California and more), Oman, India, Australia, New Zealand and Morocco.

All in all 2129 photos (including 311 panorama photos and 56 black and white photos) are available in 174 Galleries (arranged by geographical location) and 28 Exhibitions (arranged by subject). There is more statistics available.

Image of the Month

Basse-Normandie, FRA, France, La Rivière-Saint-Sauveur, Normandy, architecture, bridge, cable-stayed bridge, clouds, morning light, Normandie, Pont de Normandie, sunrise

The image of the month of August is Pont de Normandie. It shows the impressive bridge Pont de Normandie which spans the river Seine linking Le Havre to Honfleur in front of a colorful sunrise. The Pont de Normandie is in Basse-Normandie in the north of France. This photo was taken in the morning of a cloudy day in May of 2011. More ...

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Current exhibition

Blatná, CZE, Czech Republic, architecture, Blatná Water Castle, blue sky, castle, clouds, green, lake

The current Online Exhibition at Jörg Dauerer - Photography is The Beach. It shows photos from in all parts of the world including Europe with Iceland, Scotland and France, North America, Australia and New Zealand. It focuses on water moving in or out due to the tide and colorful skies above the beach due to sunset or sunrise. More ...