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Exhibitions 2011 - 2016

October 2015: Lighthouses N Europe
Oct'15: LH N Europe
June 2015: The Beach
June 2015: The Beach
February 2015: Reflexions
Feb'15: Reflexions
February 2014: Rust, Wrecks and Ruins
Feb'14: Rust, Ruins
February 2013: Panorama Bridges
Feb'13: Pano Bridges
October 2012: Water in Motion
Oct.2012: Water Motion
June 2012: Castles
June 2012: Castles
February 2012: White Clouds
Feb.2012: White Clouds
October 2011: Sun Beams
Oct.2011: Sun Beams

In the Exhibitions part of this site photos will be shown not sorted by the geographic region like in the gallery part, but by subject. Also photos that are not yet published (due to e.g. a lag of space in the respective index file or due to the fact that they do not really belong to a certain geographic region) will be shown. This part of the online exhibitions shows exhibitions from 2011 - 2016. For the most recent exhibitions go to the exhibitions page.