Jörg Dauerer, Photography


Welcome to my website "Jörg Dauerer, Photography" where you can browse through photos I took in 36 countries in Europe (including Norway, Germany, France, Italy), North America (including (New England, Arizona, California), Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and Morocco.

All in all 2503 photos (including 367 panorama photos and 66 black and white photos) are available in 197 Galleries (arranged by geographical location) and 40 Exhibitions (arranged by subject).

Image of the Month

Faroe Islands, FRO, Klaksvik, Klaksvík, clouds, fog, island, Kalsoy, klakkur, landscape, mountains, north atlantic, northern islands

The image of the month of August is Kalsoy Fog. It shows Fog between the mountains of the island Kalsoy seen from the top of the mountain Klakkur on the island Borðoy. The island Kalsoy is part of the Northern Islands, Faroe Islands. This photo was taken in the afternoon of a sunny day in June of 2017. More ...

Current exhibition

California, Mendocino, United States, USA, blue hour, fog, light beam, Vereinigte Staten, Kalifornien

The current Online Exhibition at Jörg Dauerer - Photography is Lighthouses of North America. It focuses on lighthouses at the Atlantic coast of North America in Newfoundland, Canada in New England, United States and in Cuba as well as the Pacific coast with California and Oregon. More ...


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