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41. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Sunrise behind the impressive flood lit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque at the blue hour just before sunrise
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/asa_/pano/quobbos_moschee_pano1.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
42. Rust
Rust, Wrecks and Ruins (February 2014), This exhibition shows Rust, Wrecks and Ruins - basically decaying objects outdoor - from different parts of the world including Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Oman, Ireland, Cuba and the United States
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibit2/rwr/index.html - 14KB - 20 Feb 2021
43. Asia
Photos showing Asia
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/as__/as__/index.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
44. Ras al Ruways
Ras al Ruways, Sunrise at the coast near Ras al Ruways above the Arabian Sea with rocks covered by algae in the foreground
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/asa_/east/ruways_coast5.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
45. Jalan Bani Bu Hassan Castle
Jalan Bani Bu Hassan Castle, The Architecture of the Jalan Bani Bu Hassan castle in village of Bani Bu Hassan
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/asa_/east/bani_bu_hassan_fort5.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
46. Sultan Qaboos Mosque
Sultan Qaboos Mosque, The flood-lit Sultan Qaboos Mosque with its two minarets and its cupola in Bani Bu Ali at the blue hour after sunset
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/asa_/east/bani_bu_ali_moschee1.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
47. Wahiba Sands
Wahiba Sands, The endless sand dunes of the desert Wahiba Sands (also called Ramlat al-Wahiba or Sharqiya Sands) illuminated by soft morning light
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/asa_/pano/wahiba_sands_pano3.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
48. Jalan Bani Bu Hassan castle
Jalan Bani Bu Hassan castle, The Architecture of the Jalan Bani Bu Hassan castle in village of Bani Bu Hassan
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/asa_/pano/bani_bu_hassan_fort_pano1.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
49. Dhow and Sunset
Dhow and Sunset, Sunset behind an old wooden dhow (or dhau) partially illuminated by a flash gun (used as a fill flash) at the coast if the Khor al-Butah Lagoon in Sur
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/asa_/east/sur_dhau2.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
50. Al Hamoda Mosque
Al Hamoda Mosque, The old al Hamoda Mosque (or al Samooda Mosque) in Jalan Bani Bu Ali with its 52 domes below a blue sky illuminated by warm evening light in front of palm trees
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/asa_/east/samooda_mosque_bani_bu_ali2.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021

Documents 41-50 of 67 displayed.

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