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131. Fort St. Angelo
Fort St. Angelo, Sunrise behind Fort St. Angelo on the tip of the peninsula Vittoriosa (Birgu) seen from the tip of the Senglea peninsula across the Grand Harbor in the early morning, Malta
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eui_/malta_pano/vit_fort_angelo_pano1.html - 11KB - 16 May 2020
132. Lipari and Vulcano
Lipari and Vulcano, The rocky coast of Lipari and the island Vulcano in the background seen from Belvedere Quattrocchi, Italy, Sicily, Italien, Italia, Sizilien, Sicilia
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eui_/sicily_north/lipari_belvedere_quattrocchi2.html - 11KB - 16 May 2020
133. Cefalù
Cefalù, The maze of houses making the skyline of Cefalù with the towers of its Norman style Cathedral (Italian: Duomo di Cefalù) at the right hand side in front of the Mediterranean Sea illuminated by warm evening light
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibition/skl/cefalu_pano2.html - 11KB - 16 May 2020
134. Bosa
Bosa, The city of Bosa illuminated by soft evening light and its perfect reflexion in the calm waters of the river Temo, Italy, Sardinia, Italien, Italia, Sardinien, Sardegna
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eui_/west_pano/bosa_pano1_35.html - 11KB - 16 May 2020
135. Ragusa Ibla
Ragusa Ibla, Ragusa Ibla in front of a colorful sunrise sky seen from Ragusa Superior with light trails of a moving car at the right hand side, Italy, Sicily, Ragusa Ibla, Italien, Italia, Sizilien, Sicilia
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eui_/sicily_se/ragusa3.html - 11KB - 16 May 2020
136. Selinunte
Selinunte, The Temple of Hera in the archaeological site of the ancient Greek city of Selinunte in a sea of yellow flowers, Italy, Sicily, Italien, Italia, Sizilien, Sicilia
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eui_/esizilien/selinunte1.html - 11KB - 16 May 2020
137. Facade in Ragusa
Facade in Ragusa, An old blue and brwon facade in Ragusa Superiore illuminated by warm morning light, Italy, Sicily, Ragusa Superiore, Italien, Italia, Sizilien, Sicilia
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eui_/sicily_se/ragusa_facade2.html - 11KB - 16 May 2020
138. Lipari
Lipari, Moving boats in the harbour of Lipari and the flood-lit city with its castle (Castello di Lipari) in the background seen at the blue hour before sunrise, Italy, Sicily, Italien, Italia, Sizilien, Sicilia
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eui_/sicily_north/lipari5.html - 11KB - 16 May 2020
139. Castellammare Del Golfo
Castellammare Del Golfo, The patterns of the maze of houses of Castellammare Del Golfo at the blue hour after sunset, Italy, Sicily, Italien, Italia, Sizilien, Sicilia
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eui_/esizilien/castellammare_del_golfo1.html - 11KB - 16 May 2020
140. Piazza del Duomo
Piazza del Duomo, The impressive baroque Piazza del Duomo and the flood-lit Duomo di Siracusa at the right on the Isola di Ortigia (Ortygia Island) in Siracusa (Syracuse) in front of a colorful sunrise sky, Italy, Sicily, Italien, Italia, Sizilien, Sicilia
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eui_/sicily_se/siracusa5.html - 11KB - 16 May 2020

Documents 131-140 of 228 displayed.

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