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1. Loch Leven
Loch Leven, Boats, small islands and and green hills surrounding Loch Leven (also called Loch Lyon) and their perfect reflexion in the calm water of the Loch, United Kingdom, Scotland, Kinross, Großbritannien, Vereinigtes Königreich, Schottland, Grossbritannien, Vereinigtes Koenigreich
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eun_/sco_pano/loch_leven_pano2.html - 11KB - 20 Feb 2021
2. Beynac-et-Cazenac
Beynac-et-Cazenac, The village and the flood-lit castle of Beynac-et-Cazenac reflected in the calm water of the Dordogne river at the blue hour after sunset, France, Frankreich
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/euf_/dordogne_lot/beynac_et_cazenac1.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
3. Blois Sunset
Blois Sunset, Colorful fast moving clouds above the silhouette of Blois and their reflexions in the calm water of the Loire River with the bridge Pont Jaques Gabriel in the background
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibit2/mcl/blois1.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
4. Altmühl Bend
Altmühl Bend, A big bend of the Altmühl river near Riedenburg with the blue of the sky reflecting in the calm water of the river, Germany, Bavaria, Deutschland, Bayern
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibition/mea/riedenburg_altmuehl_pano1.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
5. Mount Hood reflexion
Mount Hood reflexion, The glacier caped peak of Mount Hood illuminated by the last light of the day and its reflexion in the calm water of Lost Lake, United States, USA, Vereinigte Staten
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/nan_/mnt_pano/mthood_pano5.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
6. Sassal Mason
Sassal Mason, Alpenglow on the peak of Sassal Mason in the Bernina Range illuminated by the first light of the day and its reflexion in the calm water of Lej Nair (black lake), Switzerland, Graubünden, Schweiz, Graubuenden
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eua_/sued_schweiz/bernina_reflex1.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
7. Ayjah Lighthouse
Ayjah Lighthouse, Ayjah Lighthouse in Sur and its reflexion in the calm water of Ayjah Bay below a blue sky illuminated by warm morning light
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibit1/lit/sur_lh3.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
8. Jølstravatnet
Jølstravatnet, Clouds and fog and their reflexion in the calm water of the lake Jølstravatnet, Norway, Norwegen, Norge
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/eue_/nor_nordfjord/skei_fog2.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
9. Bastia Reflexion
Bastia Reflexion, Two small boats and their reflexion in the calm water of the old harbor (Vieux Port) in the center of Bastia illuminated by warm morning light, France, Corse, Frankreich, Korsika, Corsica
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/euf_/cp_corse/bastia_boats1.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021
10. Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj, Sunset above Lake Bohinj (Bohinjsko jezero) with the church John the Baptist in Ribcev Laz and its reflexion in the calm water of the lake on the right hand side, Slovenia, Upper Carniola, Ribcev Laz
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/euk_/slovenia_west/bohinjsko_jezero1.html - 10KB - 20 Feb 2021

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