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1. Moinho do Frade
Moinho do Frade, The windmill Moinho do Frade surrounded by the vineyards of Criação Velha and the cloud covered peak of mountain Pico in the background, Portugal, Azores, Criação Velha
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibition/wml/pico_windmill1.html - 10KB - 18 Nov 2020
2. Fajã da Ribeira Sea Arch
Fajã da Ribeira Sea Arch, The double sea arch at Fajã Ribeira surrounded by the stormy Atlantic Ocean in front of a coulorful sunset sky, Portugal, Azores, Fajã Ribeira
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibition/sar/faja_da_ribeira_sea_arch1.html - 10KB - 18 Nov 2020
3. Cascata do Poço do Bacalhau
Cascata do Poço do Bacalhau, The water of the waterfall Cascata do Poço Bacalhau near Fajã Grande is falling into a small pool, Portugal, Azores, Fajã Grande
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibit1/wfl/cascata_do_poco_do_bacalhau2.html - 10KB - 18 Nov 2020
4. Ribeira dos Caldeirões
Ribeira dos Caldeirões, The water of the waterfall in Parque Natural da Ribeira dos Caldeirões near Achada is falling down over rocky cliffs, Portugal, Azores
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibit1/wfl/ribeira_dos_caldeiroes_wf1.html - 10KB - 18 Nov 2020
5. Calheta de Nesquim Windmill
Calheta de Nesquim Windmill, A typical red windmill near Calheta de Nesquim, Portugal, Azores, Calheta de Nesquim
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibition/wml/pico_windmill3.html - 10KB - 18 Nov 2020
6. Salto do Cabrito
Salto do Cabrito, The water of the waterfall Salto do Cabrito (or Cascata do Cabrito) near Caldeiras falling into a small pool at the bottom of the falls, Portugal, Azores
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibit1/wfl/salto_do_cabrito1.html - 10KB - 18 Nov 2020
7. Ponta Rasa Windmill
Ponta Rasa Windmill, A windmill near Ponta Rasa in front of a colorful sunset sky, Portugal, Azores, Companhia de Baixo
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibition/wml/pico_windmill6.html - 10KB - 18 Nov 2020
8. Windmills (October 2019)
Windmills (October 2019), This exhibition shows windmills that are (mainly) located in Europa
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibition/wml/index.html - 13KB - 18 Nov 2020
9. Waterfalls (June 2009)
Waterfalls (June 2009), This exhibition shows photos of waterfalls from different countries in Europe and from New Zealand
URL: http://www.dauerer.de/exhibit1/wfl/index.html - 14KB - 18 Nov 2020

Documents 1-9 of 9 displayed.

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